On-Music   is the new trade line of Music Products powered by
NTA, On-Music stands for " The Power of Music " and an " Quality Music
Carrier ", which delivers good and quality sound to everybody in the world,
who love music.

On-Music Loudspeakers can present a true and original version of music, that
the music creators, musicians and artists would like to perform their music to the
audience, and On-Music loudspeakers are carefully designed and made by the
company who has great passion for music.

Our main product line is " easy to carry " music speakers & earphones for
iPhone, iPad, iPod, Smart phones of Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola
etc., and any MP3 players or music devices with an audio plug input, or
Bluetooth connection.

NTA is a long history company founded in Hong Kong of more than 70 years in
manufacturing with world recognized quality, sophisticated skill and know-how
technology, and having years manufacturing experience for world famous brands.

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On-Music Loudspeakers - The Power of Music