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*Remember On Music always has a "HYPHEN" in between > On-Music

On-Music Trademark

The Design Concept of our On-Music trademark

From above On-Music trademark, you actually can see a speaker there, where the
Dot of the music symbol is the center of the speaker, and the music symbol is
represented as the music or sound coming out from the speaker. The outer bracket
is the boundary or the outline of the speaker, and it forms a letter O, with the
letter "n" on top, it forms th
e word "ON", where you should see
ON + Music symbol = On-Music.

In order to make the logo live and look like a speaker, we make the music symbol
in a complete circle. We also add the inner bracket beside the dot of the music
symbol for making the speaker being moving, whether you can see the music
symbol is moving in and out from the speaker, while the inner bracket is moving
side way - left and right. This means, loud music is playing from the speaker.

We also put the letter "n" at the present location on purpose, this location is the
"Power" integer, like in Math, 2 to the power n. We put and use the same power n,
but we are not "2 to the power n", we are "music to the power n", where "n" can
be infinite number, that means the "the infinite power of music" or
"the power of music". This is also the reason why we use the outer bracket instead
of a circle for the outline of the speaker - match with Math appearance.

If you know how careful we designed our trademark, and you should see or guess
how good will be for our loudspeakers. Each loudspeaker is well designed and
tested to its top music performance before releasing to the market.

Peace Symbol at On-Music Loudspeakers

Do you know the product design concept of our existing product range - Travel
Speakers coming from "PEACE", like our mission: Serve for Music, Connecting
People Together, Carry Joy and Peaceful Feeling across Countries through Music.