About Us

Music  is the natural gift for everybody in the world, just clap your hands and
whistle some notes, or even sing a song, no matter the song is singing good or
bad, music always makes you feel good and enjoy yourself, regardless you are
rich or poor, man or woman, or what Nationality that you are. Music has no
boundary, it is a natural language across people and countries of the world,
connecting people together, and music is also a basic entertainment for people,
of which, we call these " The Power of Music ".

We have to thank for the music creators, musicians and artists, they are making a
lot of good and wonderful music for us, and On-Music loudspeakers are made
from the idea of " The Power of Music ".

Our music loudspeaker is an " Quality Music Carrier
", which delivers good and
quality sound of music as close as the original version of music to everybody in the
world, who love music, and also allow us to carry joy and peaceful feeling across
countries through Music.

On-Music Trade Mark
  The Trade Mark of On-Music Loudspeakers

On-Music is a new trade line of NTA for music speakers and audio products,
and the product range includes :-

Portable Music Speakers with Audio Cable for Digital Devices - e.g. iPhone, iPod,
iPad, MP3 players or any other mobile/smart phones, Quality Music Speakers
with FM Radio + MP3 Player function, Professional Portable Music Speakers with
LCD Display + FM Radio + MP3 Player function, Bluetooth Portable Music Stereo
Speakers, Bluetooth Music Earphones and TWS Music Earphones etc. 

For NTA, we are a group of companies having more than 70 years of
manufacturing technique with world recognized quality, an authorized
manufacturer of world famous brands, and NTA is also a well-known brand
of the UK in the trade of electrical installation and accessories. We are an
inventor holding more than ten of Patents and Design Registrations on our
products, and all products complied with current National Regulations and
Environmental Requirements, including several National Quality Marks for
products, e.g. BSI Kitemark, IMEC Mark, VDE Mark and Nemko Mark etc.

For more information on NTA, please visit the following websites for more details :-


www.uk-plugs.com  or  www.bs1363.com  (including our founder history)

NTA Product Range >...

NTA Registered Trade Mark
  The Registered Trade Mark of NTA

We are also welcome for any OEM and ODM projects on audio products, or any
fresh idea on audio products to us, and we are willing to give you a quotation
and our full technical support to you.

Please contact us for more information on OEM & ODM Projects.

On-Music OEM & ODM Trade Mark
  The OEM & ODM Trade Mark of On-Music & Speaker Accessories

has also established another new trade line on health and personal care
products called "On-Care".

On-Care  trade mark is also having the same exponential form as that
of On-Music with the integer " n ", this means the power of  " n ", that is the
Infinite of Power. For On-Music, that is the infinite power of music, and for
On-Care, that means the infinite care to you  :)

On-Care Trade Mark 
  The Trade Mark of On-Care

The first product of On-Care is a Sonic Toothbrush, which is powered by a
replaceable AAA battery. The changeable brush head design can also extend the
lifetime of the toothbrush, aslo making Green for the earth.

On-Care Sonic Toothbrush - Model TB01
  On-Care Sonic Toothbrush - Model : TB01

The Founder of On-Music Loudspeakers and On-Care Health
and personal Products

Mr. P. Fok - The Director of NTA Group of Companies
The Inventor - holding two UK Patents
The Chartered Engineer - Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), UK
The Founder Member of the Chartered Quality Institute, UK
The Senior Member of Hong Kong Society for Quality
Graduated from University of Manchester, UK at School of Electrical & Electronic

Thank you and looking forward for your early feedback and enquiry by return.